Monthly Archives: februar 2018

A fisherman visited the 2nd grade at Rantzausminde Skole, and he brought a lot of different fresh fish.

The fisherman was telling stories about the different kind of fish. After that the students were cooking the fish for dinner together whit the fisherman.

But before his visit at rantzausminde Skole, the old fisherman went to the fish market in his town. We do not have a fish market in or near Svendborg anymore, because most fish disappeared. And when the fish disappear, the fishermen disappear.


In the beginning of February, Lars and Michael from Rantzausminde Skole, together with Erling Hjernø from the company MeWe Space went to Vilanova near Barcelona, where “Escola Volerany” was ready with a brand new MeWe Space. We introduced this new room to teachers and students, and had some great days doing a lot of teachers training. After a few lessons, the local teachers were ready to show their presentations in MeWe Space format.