Monthly Archives: maj 2018

One of the very few fishermen left in our area (so many disappeared, while the fish disappeared because of pollution or over fishing) visited students from our 8th grade. Here our students learned about making and maintaining og different types of fishing nets. And they heard the fishermans stories about fishing ind the old days and now, and about different fishing methods.

During our 3rd Transnational Meeting in Vilanova we set up a video conference, where students from our 3 schools “met” each other, spoke a lot of english together and told each other about our countries, our villages and our schools.
It was an interesting experience for everyone involved.

16th to 18th of May we had the 3rd Transnational Meeting in Vilanova, where teachers and headmasters from our 3 schools met, evaluated and almost finished our ERASMUS project. We made the final agreements, and planned the final activities in the 3 countries.

We went to the fishing market, met with the fishermen´s association, made a video conference for our students and much, much more.