Monthly Archives: november 2018

This is a blog connected to ERASMUS project “Diving into the sea with MeWe Space”.

In 2017/18 Rantzausminde Skole in Svendborg (Denmark) is working together withs school from Frãtãutii Noi, Romania and from Barcelona, Spain/Catalonia. Students and teachers are in many ways trying to describe own local culture, that is connected to the sea.

Everything is tied together in MeWe Space format.

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On 14th of November our students from 4th grade visited our local Museum Naturama.
Here they saw the final production about our ERASMUS+ project, where we worked together wits schools in Vilanova near Barcelona and Fratautii Noi in Romania.
We made this final show in collaboration with Naturama in their 360 degrees cinema.
Thank you, Naturama!