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This is a blog connected to ERASMUS project “Diving into the sea with MeWe Space”.

In 2017/18 Rantzausminde Skole in Svendborg (Denmark) is working together withs school from Frãtãutii Noi, Romania and from Barcelona, Spain/Catalonia. Students and teachers are in many ways trying to describe own local culture, that is connected to the sea.

Everything is tied together in MeWe Space format.

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On 14th of November our students from 4th grade visited our local Museum Naturama.
Here they saw the final production about our ERASMUS+ project, where we worked together wits schools in Vilanova near Barcelona and Fratautii Noi in Romania.
We made this final show in collaboration with Naturama in their 360 degrees cinema.
Thank you, Naturama!

29th of June – last day of our school year – Rantzausminde School again raised “The Green Flag”. This is a notification that shows, that we again have done things for the local environment.

In his speech, our mayor, Bo Hansen, mentioned and thanked for our participation in the ERASMUS project, where we have been working together with schools in Romania and Barcelona.

June 20th students from 3rd and 8th grade visited the “Fjord & Bælt” in Kerteminde, where they keep and study danish whales, especially the porpoise whale, the smallest whale in the world.
We have hundreds of thousand of this little whale in danish waters.

In Kerteminde (about 50 km from Svendborg) they do a lot of research, especially on the porpoise whales hearing and echo location. At this point, this whale center is leading worldwide.
The only place, where the porpoise whale has been born in captivity, is here at Fjord & Bælt in Kerteminde.


The 1rd of June we had a big event at the harbour of Rantzausminde. At this day all of our students from 0th to 6th grade visited “A Day by the Sea”, where they could try a lot of different activities: catch wish and crabs, taste grilled prawns and clams, see a copy of a viking boat, get onboard an old ferry or a big wooden sailboat, decorate a fishing net, see and try a kayak, lean about marine nature, draw seabirds and much, much more.


One of the very few fishermen left in our area (so many disappeared, while the fish disappeared because of pollution or over fishing) visited students from our 8th grade. Here our students learned about making and maintaining og different types of fishing nets. And they heard the fishermans stories about fishing ind the old days and now, and about different fishing methods.

During our 3rd Transnational Meeting in Vilanova we set up a video conference, where students from our 3 schools “met” each other, spoke a lot of english together and told each other about our countries, our villages and our schools.
It was an interesting experience for everyone involved.

16th to 18th of May we had the 3rd Transnational Meeting in Vilanova, where teachers and headmasters from our 3 schools met, evaluated and almost finished our ERASMUS project. We made the final agreements, and planned the final activities in the 3 countries.

We went to the fishing market, met with the fishermen´s association, made a video conference for our students and much, much more.

Grønt flag –Grøn skole
(Green flag – Green school)

This year we have been working with the environment around the see. “Grønt flag – Grøn skole” is the Danish part of the program for Eco-Schools. Eco-Schools are foundation for Environmental Education(FEE).

A lot of students from the school have been a part of this project. They have been working with different themes from the see.

Just before the summer holliday we have to hoist the Green Flag, because the school is taking care of the environment.

Students from our 9th grade had prepared for a long time. At 21rd and 22nd of March they were ready, and performed the musical “Treasure Island” 4 times. Not alone did they perform as actors on the stage, they also formed the band, that played along during the musical.
What a great show !!