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5th of March our 8th grade visited the harbour of Svendborg. Even by low temperature our harbour is a place for working men and sailing ships.
Our student brought cameras and shot a lot of nice pictures, from the coaster Caroline S, from Ring Andersen (the old ship yard), and from interesting corners of our harbour.
More pics to come later.

25th of Feb. to 2nd of March Lars and Michael from Rantzausminde Skole visited our Erasmus friends in Fratautii Noi in the northern part of Romania, only a few km from the Ukraine border. The school, “Iraclie Porumbescu” had already built their MeWe Space, and it was up and running, when we arrived.
Our job was to present their new MeWe Space for teachers and student, and to do some teachers training.
After a few hours of training, the teachers managed to make several presentations on their computers, and to present them in their MeWe Space.
Here, you see some pictures from the school, and from the region in general.

A fisherman visited the 2nd grade at Rantzausminde Skole, and he brought a lot of different fresh fish.

The fisherman was telling stories about the different kind of fish. After that the students were cooking the fish for dinner together whit the fisherman.

But before his visit at rantzausminde Skole, the old fisherman went to the fish market in his town. We do not have a fish market in or near Svendborg anymore, because most fish disappeared. And when the fish disappear, the fishermen disappear.


In the beginning of February, Lars and Michael from Rantzausminde Skole, together with Erling Hjernø from the company MeWe Space went to Vilanova near Barcelona, where “Escola Volerany” was ready with a brand new MeWe Space. We introduced this new room to teachers and students, and had some great days doing a lot of teachers training. After a few lessons, the local teachers were ready to show their presentations in MeWe Space format.




Students from our 3rd grade went to the beach early in the morning on January the 3rd. They collected seashells, stones, snail shells and more to turn them into “Jewellery from the sea”, which is a part of our project.


Students from our 3rd grade have been training making “double fishermans´ knots”. It took place in our MeWe Space, where they watched the instruction video, and then learned how to make the knots themselves.

Though we do not have so many fishermen anymore, our kids are at least able to make their knots.


Students from our 2nd grade have made a theater called “Pelle and Molly”. The theater takes place in “Liljehavet” (“Ocean of Lilies”), which is an ocean with a lot of fantastic fishes and big waves. Ocean elves live in the sea as well. 

The students have also made the scenery for the theater and all the parents went to see the theater at the school.

14th to 16th of November 2017 we met in Svendborg for “Teachers´ training activities”.
We tested activities (doing Prezis and Keynotes in the MeWe Space format), students from 9th grade told our guests about “Danish school system” and we visited the sailors´ village of Troense, the castle “Valdemars Slot” and our great museum in Svendborg “Naturama”, where local animals – especially maritime – are exhibited.